Lenguaje Corporal en Presentaciones


Here on my YouTube Chanel you can find many more videos in English and Spanish


Click here for the books and websites I recommend for improving your communications skills.

Click here to watch a video of the same voice exercises I use in the workshop


Interactive Presentation Template:

This template has been designed to help you structure and write the script for your presentation. It is presented as a chain of questions, and after answering all of them you should have the full text of your presentation. It contains descriptions of the various parts of the structure, notes on how to make each part more impactful and examples. At the top right of each page is a camera icon, which is a link to video lecture from my presentations course. Click here to download the template in English.

The 5 steps to making a great opening in your presentation.

This is a short video from my course. Here I explain how to make an impactful opening to your presentation. Anyone who attends my workshop receives the entire course on video so that at anytime in the future they can go back and refresh what they learnt.