How I work

  1. The first step is always a conversation. Every person, team and organisation is unique so first I always sit down with my client with a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Next, we look for a way forward. We explore the needs of the people that will be involved and draft an action plan to meet those needs.
  3. Together we design the solution, be it individual coaching, a training workshop,  group facilitation, speechwriting or event management. This solution needs to be simple, accessible and practical.
  4. Next, I “jazz it up”. I make sure that those involved will be challenged and try new approaches. This will be exciting and perhaps make people feel a little vertigo. But it will be done in an atmosphere of exploration and mutual support. Above all, it will be fun and enjoyable.  Participants will look forward to the process and be engaged with it.
  5. Then I deliver the solution as agreed, but I’m always constantly adapting as the situation requires.
  6. Finally, I evaluate the outcomes with the client and give and receive feedback about the process and the outcome.