(available in English or Spanish)

1. Speechwriting

This is for anyone who needs to give an important, high-profile presentation or speech. I interview the client, research their work and vision, and write the speech for them. The speech goes through various drafts based on their feedback. When the final draft is ready we work on the delivery – voice, gesture and eye contact.

2. Preparing a Presentation:

This is for someone who has already written their presentation, or who wants to repeat a presentation they have given previously.

3. Personal Delivery

This is for anyone who would like help with their personal delivery and communication style in any context: meetings, interviews and speeches. I can offer them advice and feedback on their voice, body language and personal interaction.

4. Executive Coaching

This is for senior managers who would like an objective opinion from someone outside of their organization on an idea they want to develop. By helping them to better communicate their idea, the idea itself becomes clearer and more robust, and potential flaws are brought to light. I take the role of different people they have to communicate with, and the client practices adapting their communication strategy to each different context.