I see the participants that come to my workshops as people with a real set of urgent problems – not as passive seekers of knowledge. People come away from my workshops with a clear understanding of the insights and ideas presented and have the sense that they can immediately put them to use in their daily lives.

During the workshops, participants role-play real actual scenarios from their work in order to practice the learnings. There is no strict division between teacher and learner – everyone shares experiences and ideas are compared and evaluated as a group.

I use innovative forms of teaching and learning such as interactive exercises, custom templates, tools, role-plays and new technologies. I make extensive use of video and online resources so that participants have access to the materials and classes after the “presencial” part of the workshop has ended. Watch this video for an example of the online resources that accompany the workshops (coming soon). 

Some examples of the workshops I have conducted:

Personal Communication

    • Speeches and Presentations
    • Body Language
    • Successful Conversations
    • Negotiating


    • Time Management and GTD (Getting Things Done)
    • Brainstorming
    • Team Building

Training for Trainers

    • Workshop Design
    • Using Role-plays
    • Technology in the classroom

(all available in Spanish or English)